It is the most fundamental question, requiring deeper thought and reflection to answer than mundane questions of “How?”, “When?”, “Where?”, etc.

As we explore our level of advocacy for nudism in general, we will face all of these questions. Invariably, “Why” is the hardest. For example:

“Why nudism?”

Or maybe “Why are you a nudist?”

Or perhaps, at the end of the day, the real question is “Why should I become a nudist?”

Because isn’t that really the question? I mean, why are we even having this conversation? What are we doing, me the nudist, and you the naïve textile, even discussing nudism at all?

Well, I see a few possibilities:

  • I don’t want to have to hide the fact that I’m a nudist.
    1. Maybe I’m afraid that you’ll hear it from someone else, and I don’t want you to make bad assumptions…
    2. Maybe I’m tired of “covering up” all of the evidence of my being a nudist every time you come over…
    3. Maybe I’m considering being a more outspoken advocate for a nudist lifestyle, and I want to gauge your reaction (both because I respect your opinion and because
  • I want to encourage you to try nudism
    1. Maybe I think you will benefit from the experience, perhaps due to underlying issues with body acceptance?
    2. Maybe I think you will just enjoy the experience overall, and will become an advocate and ally?

Do I need reassurance that nudism is OK, that somehow your acceptance if not endorsement of it will make me feel better about myself?

Or am I really an advocate, simultaneously believing in the lifestyle as well as trusting you with my advocacy of it?

For me, the why is quite simple: while in a nudist environment, being around lots of people is NOT energy-draining. You see, I am a serious introvert who doesn’t particularly like being isolated (paradoxical, I know, but true). So I keep seeking out social situations in which I don’t have to expend extreme energy to be around others for an extended period of time. And that’s what nudist environments provide—a completely relaxing atmosphere in which I CAN be more social.

So WHY are we discussing nudism in general?

Well, perhaps I brought it up because I’d like to find an environment in which I can interact socially with you without turning into a puddle of anxiety, and where we both agree to suspend preconceptions and start a possible friendship from a clean slate.

So what are YOUR whys?

(Next time, let’s talk about the HOW)

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