An introverted nudist and the laptop phenomenon

Like most aspects of life, the experience of nudism is described in the context of the person doing the describing. In other words, what nudism means to an individual will vary, though there are many common themes.

For me, nudism is an opportunity to enjoy social interactions more easily than I typically can. I am an introvert, which means that I find interacting with large groups of people to be very energy draining, unlike the extrovert who is charged up by interactions with groups.

For non-introverts, the most useful contemporary analogy is what I like to call the social laptop phenomenon.

Imagine for a moment that you are traveling internationally, with a laptop computer that is essential for your work. You remembered to bring the charger, of course, but forgot to include the universal power converter, and your charger won’t plug in. Your hotel’s manager has a similar laptop to yours, and she has graciously allowed you to use her charger at the hotel, but you can’t take it with you during the day.

So, with that framework in mind, can you envision how you use the laptop during the day? The battery level is EVERYTHING, and you are always conscious of how much charge is left, and how your present activity is affecting the charge. To run out of battery power would be a serious problem, one to be carefully avoided.

Socially, introverts can interact and enjoy social groups, but our time is limited and we are always vigilant about running out of “social battery” as it were. We don’t like being socially inept, so the very act of watching our battery level is stressful. Hence, we usually need to go be alone for a while after being with a group.

The freedom of being able to socialize without having to watch one’s battery state is a tremendously empowering sensation. On reflection, I think that the anti-judgmental nature of nudist social interactions functionally turns me into an extrovert; therefore I draw energy from being in a nudist environment.

2 thoughts on “An introverted nudist and the laptop phenomenon

  1. That is an interesting analogy and the fact that your group is not asking you to be something you are not, is quite helpful and allowing you to be who and what you are. You do not have the “programs” that we are asking you to run on your “social laptop” that causes you to drain. So we don’t ask you to run something your system or character cannot run.

    Thank you for helping us understand


  2. How do you limit your interaction? With so many people wanting to become friendly and familiar- according to my understanding of the nudist environment-
    My wife is a closet nudist and an introvert but is afraid of the social interaction so she refuses to go to any naturist gathering because she is afraid of the draining effect and the chore of having to mantain relationships.


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