Out of the closet or not?

So the question comes to the forefront…do I come “out of the closet” or not?

As with all decisions, there are pros and cons associated. I can only wonder if this is in any way similar to the struggle faced decades ago by the gay/lesbian/transgender/bisexual community, or whether this is really a smaller issue…

Part of me wants to tell the world:

1) I am a nudist, and proud to say so.
2) I believe that: The human body is a beautiful creation and its variety and differences are part of its beauty.
3) I stand for respect for the human body, and the freedom to show it whenever and wherever I choose, without concern for condemnation or prosecution.
4) I stand against body-shaming in any form, and do not condone that behavior, whether or not it is perceived as being “for their own good”.
5) I do not believe that any one should be “forced” or coerced in any way to participate or approve of nudism; however, I also do not believe that they should be allowed to forbid that to me or my family.

The other part says:

1) Don’t rock the boat—appreciate that in the US you can enjoy nudist resorts and much less persecution than would otherwise be typical in other parts of the world,
2) Don’t jeopardize your childrens’ social lives, or your wife’s business, because you want to “stand up for something”.
3) Don’t risk for what is likely to be minimal reward.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Out of the closet or not?

  1. I have been fully out for a number of years. I have discovered that the biggest fear about coming out was the fear itself. Have I lost some friends because of it? Yes but that bears the question, were they really my friend? Are there risks inherent to coming out? Most assuredly but for me it is well worth it because the rewards are greater than I ever imagined. If I had to do it all over again I would never have kept it secret to begin with and I believe I would been much healthier, mentally, physically and emotionally. I no longer live with the fear of “what if” and for that alone my life is better.


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