OK, time for some actual medical advice, rather than mere pontification…

Regarding sunscreen, I hear the same advice everyone else does–use higher numbers, use often, and stay out of the sun anyway!

That advice sucks, in my professional opinion. Why? Because the main reason for sunscreen failure is failure to reapply properly. Even the best, nearly waterproof formulas rub off, usually all too easily. No commercially available sunscreen is actually rated to last more than 80 minutes. So really, we should reapply every hour…but no one does that!

Ever wonder why people don’t? In many cases it is because it is a total pain to reapply sunscreen–it smears, is sticky, and never soaks in properly. That’s true for essentially all of the higher SPF formulas. So people convince themselves to put SPF 50 on, do it once, then get fried.

Here’s what I recommend:

Use something SPF 30 or higher for your initial application. Apply generously and rub it in thoroughly. Do this 30 minutes BEFORE going out into the sun, on cool DRY skin. If you have to get dressed then undressed again, then reapply the same sunscreen in areas where clothing may have rubbed it off.

After that, don’t bother with the high formulas for the rest of the day, except perhaps on your face/ears/nose etc. Instead, get a bottle of SPF 8, and use that EVERY HOUR. You’ll end up using a lot of 8, but you’ll do much better overall, because SPF 8 will go on properly even on hot and/or sweaty skin.

Try it–I’ll bet you thank me!

Oh, two more things…

One, try to develop a pattern that you use every time–as nudists there’s a lot of skin to cover, and you don’t want to miss your arms because you forgot about them…

Two, never forget to apply sunscreen to ALL of you–sunburned breasts and genitals hurt. A lot.

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