Creating a nudist haven at home

The joy of social nudity in your own home.

AKA: Transforming our home into a nudist haven and how we got there.

Present state:
Sunday morning, too-early o’clock, or what my military father used to call O-Dark:30

The cats want to be fed. I’m tired and not really inclined to get up, but I don’t want them disturbing everyone else, so I get up and go downstairs to feed them. Unlike almost any other time we’ve had guests stay over, I walk down the stairs wearing my usual night-attire, which is nothing. From the kitchen I can see two of our guests sleeping on the sofa bed. I hear one of the children stirring upstairs, but am not sure which child is up. I feed the cats and return to my bedroom. One of the cats is a kitten, and she has decided that it is time for everyone to be up to entertain her. This rouses the female half of the sofa-bed couple, as I discovered while hustling back downstairs to hopefully quiet the kitten and let anyone who wants sleep to get it. She is sitting up in the bed, playing with the ferocious three-pound pouncing critter. The room is plenty warm, so she has no need to cover herself and is contentedly naked and not in the least self-conscious. Her husband has gone outside, so is dressed in t-shirt and shorts. Another lady joins us, this time from the upstairs visiting couple, wearing a robe and with totally frazzled hair. My wife joins us, wearing a robe both because she is chilly and cooking. The male half of the upstairs couple joins us naked, and his wife ditches the robe. The coffee gets started, breakfast is set up, and everyone gathers to eat. At that point we have two naked women, one clothed woman, two naked men, and one clothed man who had just come in from outside, plus four children, all gathered around the tables, chatting and eating. A scene that was remarkable, even though at the time it felt so unremarkable and natural. It was an idyllic nudist scene, all the more so for occurring in a typical American suburb, right under the noses of the body-shaming, nudity-is-evil conservatives who would outlaw all nudity unless it was pitch dark.

Really, this is amazing. One guest family is corralling their children and I get a chance to speak with the wife. She is clearly relaxed and enjoying herself, and laughingly describes her husband as being a kid in a toy store. Our unexpected guest couple are lounging back and chatting while several of us clean the kitchen and breakfast room of debris. How did we get here?

Well, the immediate answer is that we’d hosted a clothing-optional party the night before. We were hosting a family from out-of-town whom we had met at our local resort, so the parents were staying in our guest room and their boys on air mattresses in the bonus room. The sofa-bed couple stayed over as they weren’t safe to drive, so they were an unexpected bonus. But really, how did we get HERE, to a state where all of this felt good and normal?

Well, like most things, it was a process. So we should take a bit of a step back, to the beginning of a socially nude home. We had been a privately nude home for what seems like forever…my wife and I were very comfortable being casually naked, especially when doing indoor chores that involved a lot of sweating (I despise sweaty clothes) and/or dirt. It was always more practical to simply get sweaty/dirty while naked then jump in the shower once before getting dressed. We had started going to nudist resorts before our children were born, but all social nudity was in that context. We had only once had a couple we had met at a resort over to our house and were no longer in contact with them since moving 500 miles away. We certainly had never tried to mix nudists and textiles into a party. Once our girls were born, we were careful to NOT shield them from seeing us naked (but closed and locked the door for sex 😉 ) so that they were comfortable with nudity as being normal and acceptable. Still, we had gone from having a private nudist home to a family nudist home. Something was still missing too—by limiting nudism to an immediate family phenomenon, it somehow made it still feel somehow shameful or illicit, because it was something that we hid from anyone not from the resorts. There was our normal life, and our nude life and they didn’t intersect all that much. When neighbors or children’s friends visited, we had to be clothed, so our identification as a nudist family was more a regular family who happen to be nudists when no one else was around.

So how to enhance our nudist lives? Moving onto a resort would have been amazing but wasn’t practical. So we did the next best thing—started participating a little more actively at our local resort and especially involving our children. We were very fortunate in that our resort had just started a summer camp for children the prior year, and we enrolled our girls.

On our most recent visit to the local resort, I’d met several couples who I thought would be fun to get to know better, so we decided to host a movie and hot tub night. It was a little odd in that I’d seen all of these people naked before, and yet it felt different to get naked in front of them in our own home. We ate dinner clothed, and moved down to the basement and transitioned toward the hot tub. Of course everyone was naked at that point, and no one put clothes back on until the party was over.

We enjoyed the event, and decided to host a few more. At various times we had new guests, some of whom had been to nudist environments and others who were curious. Since we controlled the guest list, we didn’t have to worry about people coming solely to gawk, so we made all of the events clothing-optional. Some guests would come by and stay dressed the whole time, but return to a future event and fully participate. Others would stay dressed and have a nice time but decide that nudism wasn’t for them. And some would jump right in and get naked with the rest of us, with the typical comment of “Why haven’t we ever done this before?”

8 thoughts on “Creating a nudist haven at home

    1. Thank you. Making it “normal” is a challenge throughout the country, but I’m sharing my efforts in that direction in hopes that others will be able to do so as well.


  1. Is the US ready for nudity? Ask Janet Jackson’s nipple. My personal opinion is that you are going about it in the right way. Other like-minded people are ready but not everyone.


    1. Well, Janet Jackson’s nipple exposure was quite a while ago, though your point about the post-event hysteria (including fines, etc) being an absurdity that is typical for the United States is very well taken. We have to be smart about how we advance this lifestyle and a slow movement is better than no movement.


  2. What a lovely and familiar story. Before we moved from the UK to Montenegro we often had the opportunity to host friends in our clothing optional home. Much like your hot tub, our outdoor pool and secluded back garden provided a way of “normalizing” being in a social context with little or no clothing. The UK climate meant such opportunities were not that common but when they did arise we soon learned that the majority of our friends would also take a much more relaxed attitude to clothing (or the lack of it). We were careful not to make a big deal of it and simply led by example. We’d always strip off to lie in the sun and prior to taking a dip in the pool. We’d then remain naked for as long as the temperature allowed. Not everyone joined in immediately but within our circle of friends, our relaxed attitude to nudity became common knowledge and over time many adopted a similar attitude when visiting us. Some never did but that didn’t matter either. They were friends, they weren’t there to gawk, they were clearly comfortable with our nudity so it didn’t stop us from being naked if we wanted to be.


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