Making a nudist event special

The choice of clothing or not is pretty much a practical decision for the avid nudist. For just as some activities are made better by clothing (snow skiing, arc welding, and of course bacon-frying) others are made better by absence of clothing (sunbathing, swimming, and sleeping, among many others). As we’ve discussed previously, enjoying social nudity at one’s home can be a liberating experience, but I wanted to explore the tricky area of transforming the concept of “enjoying a party while naked” to “enjoying a naked party”.

Well, beyond the idea that anything that can be done naked feels better because you aren’t wearing clothes, there are some things that are better while naked. Swimming or lounging in the hot tub is one obvious focus, and one that we use regularly. Another activity we commonly feature at our parties is Cards Against Humanity, the adult card game with plenty of rude, crude, and sexually themed humor. It’s actually better naked than clothed, in a counter-intuitive sort of way. Being surrounded by non-sexual nudity and simultaneously dishing out sexually-loaded outrageous answers is an enhancing contrast, like sweet and sour flavors.

For our latest party, we wanted to try something different, and so we leveraged the proximity to Halloween as a reason to have a partial costume party, and feature body paint for those that wanted it. It was a great success, with lots of creative effort and fun. So, to date, we’ve found hot tub, Cards Against Humanity, and body-painted costumes as ways to make a superior nudist event.

What ideas do you have to try?

3 thoughts on “Making a nudist event special

    1. That’s an intriguing idea…I wonder if that would work better on a small scale or a medium to large one. If the latter then I could approach our local resort for the possibility of them hosting one…


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